Slough Tuition Centre 

Chalvey Community Centre Slough

Slough Tuition Centre is offering English language courses which leads to an approved ESOL B1 'Skills for Life' qualification.

Upon completing the course you will get an UKBA approved certificate of ESOL equivalent to B1 which is the NEW requirement from the home office. This English course is a basic requirement for your journey to gain British Citizenship, Indefinite leave to Remain or Visa Extension and Naturalization.

We will start with an initial assessment to find out what your current level of English, this is in order to identify the areas that you need to develop. Once the assessment has taken place we tailor make a study plan that works for you. This combined with our best option pricing strategy means you get the great value for your hard earned money. You will be continually assessed by your teacher throughout the course and provided with up to date progress reports. When you are ready to sit your exam you will be offered the opportunity to do so. Normally 95% of our candidates are ready to sit their ESOL Entry 3/B1 exam after 4/5 days of training. An internationally recognized certificate will be secure for your future in the UK.

All of our courses are used as one of the requirements for applicants applying for either the indefinite leave to remain, British citizenship or the A1 spouse visa.


Adult Maths , English and Science GCSE Course

  • At Slough Tuition we are delighted to offer adult classes for Maths, English and Science.
  • Tuition is available for all adults wishing to update their skills or to accomplish GCSE qualification.
  • At Slough Tuition Centre we will design the most appropriate possible course and will fully manage the progress throughout, aiming to ensure that you are well prepared and pass your exam.
  • At Slough Tuition Centre, we are solely dedicated to you. Therefore, convenient tutoring times are available during the evenings or weekends.
  • The number of lessons per week will be discussed after initial assessment, so at Slough Tuition we will be able to guide you that, how long it will take for you to achieve your goal.