Slough Tuition Centre 

Chalvey Community Centre Slough

Kashif Khan Parent July 2018
“My two sons Labib and Musa have been attending Slough Tuition Centre for a couple of years and enjoy the professional and supporting environment. They find the tutors very helpful and have gained valuable exam techniques and are working towards GCSE and 11+ tests respectively".
Charlotte (Year 3 pupil)
I like learning how to write with my teacher. I like working with my friends. My teacher's name is Mrs Noon.
Adam Aziz (Year 7 pupil)
These days in Slough Tuition Centre have been really good and I enjoy them because the teachers are positive and nice, I get lots of help and get breaks. I have learnt many new things for example, Human Reproductive System, Maths, coordination and I have just recently started Algebra.
Alisha Khan (Year 6 pupil)
This Tuition centre has boosted my confidence so much that I didn't know before. I have only been here for a month and now I never want to leave. The teachers are kind and helpful. I promise you'll like it here.
Abdul Haseeb Aslam (Year 9 pupil)
This tuition centre is very helpful as I have been in need of help for revision, as I have not got many resources at home. Now that I have been in this tuition for a few months, I have started to realise that my grades have started to progress rapidly in subjects such as English, Science and Maths.
Malaaikah Malik (Year 8 pupil)
I think that this tuition helps me in my work because the booklets boost my confidence in a certain topic that I am struggling on. It is really helpful when it comes to end of year exams.
Saksham Tyagi (Year 10 pupil)
The Slough Tuition Centre has provided lots of help with my Maths and Science GCSE. I can see an improvement overtime and the tutors are very helpful and friendly.
Nargis Hakimi (Year 5 pupil)
I like being here because I can learn about Maths, English, verbal-reasoning and non verbal-reasoning. Also it has helped me a lot.
Mariam (Year 6 pupil)
I like being here because it helps me with my work and to learn more new things.
Zarah (Year 6 pupil)
I love Slough Tuition Centre because everyone is helpful. My two teachers (Mrs Noon and Miss George) are vey nice and always explain my work to me.
Mrs. Subhadra
I had sent my son Sunny to this centre because I wanted him to do well in his exams and I'm very impressed with how well he has done, getting all A* in Maths and his sciences.
Mr. Ibrahim
I was very impressed with the work load my daughter was given and how much she had learnt in the short time she was there. She has gotten really good GCSE results all thanks to Slough Tuition Centre!
Mrs. Singh
I sent my son for maths tuition and I have been very impressed with the level of work he's been given and how much he has improved. He has learnt a lot since he started and is still improving and he really enjoys coming.
Mrs. Malik
We would just like to express our sincere thanks for what you have done with Maryam. She has really enjoyed Saturday mornings and has learnt and absorbed a great deal of knowledge and we believe she has done so well in everything that this will be a valuable asset.
Mrs. Khan
My daughter wants to come every day. She loves her tutor and is so much more confident.
Mr and Mrs Bile
We are so grateful for all your help and advice at Slough Tuition Centre lessons. Your lessons are ideal for my children. One-to-one tuition was just too much for me (financially) and my kids didn't learn anything. We sent them to Slough tuition Centre by recommendation of family friends. My kids have improved so much in just 5 weeks. Thank you Slough Tuition for all your help.